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STARVISION Imaging Software

Just upgraded to ensure that it is the most up to-date software in the industry!

STARDEK was the first to use computer-imaging technology to assist independent installers when selling Stardek products. Imagine showing the homeowner, which now has a cracked and stained driveway, a new STARDEK brick or flagstone driveway, in a matter of just minutes using STARDEK's Starvision Software. The NEW STARVISION includes STARDEK I, STARDEK II, STARDEK III, Stamped Overlay, STARCHIP, Acid Stains, Crownflex, and much more!

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With STARDEK's Starvision Software you can show the prospective buyers completed jobs with photographic quality to ensure a comfort level and secure the contract. In a matter of a few minutes an old, tired walkway, driveway, deck or pool will virtually COME TO LIFE with STARDEK's beautiful, durable coatings.

Estimator Program

STARDEK Introduced their ALL NEW ESTIMATOR PROGRAM at The World of Concrete Show '05

The stardek estimator program is the most advance technology used in today’s decorative concrete industry. It provides a simple, fast way to calculate estimates for the extensive stardek product line, including material lists, purchase orders and contracts. Don’t hesitate, just estimate and make more money with stardek’s estimator program.

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Be sure to see STARDEK's Starvision Software.

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