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Dear Mr. Ed Benus,
Thank you and Color-Crown for your generous gift of Stardek coating for our new entryway. This is obviously the first thing visitors to the administration building and gift shop see, so it's important that it look terrific.

Thanks to you, it does!

We appreciate everything you do for the Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Sincerely, Titus Herman, C.E.O.

Hi Lew,
I attended your training the 2nd week of December 07. I just got done doing my first sd1 job last weekend. I learned a lot,and still am very happy with my first job.I sealed on Sunday,it snowed on Monday. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy working with your product and how easy it is to use. Cant wait to start practicing on wall overlay and acid stains,I will be doing this full time before long,can't wait.Just wanted to thank you and the staff for the training Mark and Mike are great wish I could shadow them for a few weeks.I hope some day to best stardek installer in the Denver area.I have the desire,heart,and work ethic that has always made me excel at every thing I have done.I look forward to developing a strong relationship with the stardek family.

Mark A. Bolek
Denver Colorado

Hey Ed,

Just wanted to thank you for everything. I had a wonderful time and your hospitality was amazing.

I have been on overload since my return, thinking of a little restructure. Our discussion about the "numbers game" has made me re-think a few things and motivated me to maybe take things in a slightly different direction. I am already set-up for big training classes, I just need to fine tune my program. I think I should attend one of your classes and I think you mentioned one coming up in GA.

Learning is the key to growth, I look to those that have been there. I learned a lot this week and look forward to any advice you have to increase my "numbers".

Thank you again for the trip and your time. I am looking forward to the next one.

Barry Kreager

Here are some pics of you with your fish. Too bad we didn't get a pic of you holding your trout as well. Cannot tell you how much fun it was and how much I appreciate your including me. Most importantly I want you to know how much I enjoyed and appreciate your one on one time with me. Your willingness to share the things you have done and how you accomplished those things with the ones that work with and for you is what makes you and STARDEK such a successful combination. It is always such a genuine pleasure to come into the office there with you and Jeff and how at home you both make me feel. I am fortunate to be able to call you a friend.
-Norman Hall

Here are pictures of the wall from the beginning through to it's progression at its finished state. Sue and I believe this project is our favorite. You are an excellent instructor. I found it very easy to follow your instructions and not be confused about the instructions. I have to say our endless video and pics will be helpful to us in the future also. You probably wouldn't recognize us without our cameras in front of our faces. It was a great weekend. A very nice group of people that attended made it nice too. I hope you had a nice time sightseeing a little while you were in CA. If you need anymore pics of the weekend we probably have them. Let Sue and I know.

Yours Truly,

Jeff & Ed,
I wanted to thank you all for the great training I received back in June 14, 15 of 2004. Since I returned from training I began laying the ground work to get this new venture up and running. I also order some brochures and printed off the different advertising methods from the training cd. One of the advertising methods was the newspaper, I ran a new business ad in the newspaper that did not cost one cent. Ed, Jeff I was amazed at how many jobs I received from that one free ad. Thank you for all the tid bits in the training manual, training cd, marketing materials, and all the tools at our finger tips. The stardek materials are awesome and my customer's are satisfied.

Daniel Herring

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the training I recently received. The training covered a lot of information in a short period of time, but very thorough. Your staff was very knowledgeable and very tolerable to the many questions I had.

I could not believe how organized and "squared away" your corporation was, the loyalty of your staff and the "family like" atmosphere was very evident. I would also like to extend that loyalty in guaranteeing that Hank's Inc. will be a loyal customer to the best concrete coatings: STARDEK.

Again, let me thank you and your wonderful staff for the most organized and informative training session concerning a product that one can receive. Please let your staff know how great of job they do and how much I appreciate everything.

- Henrick K. Holmberg

Our sincere thanks for the thorough, informative training you gave us last week on using Color-Crown's STARDEK products.

We felt very confident that we received the best of some of your top personnel's experience in the 2 days we spent with you. Though it was a lot of information, and we know "hands-on" training is mandatory for doing the job right, we really feel we have an excellent base of knowledge to start with, and are glad to know we can call you for advise.

You, Mike and Dave have set us on our path to a new livelihood, and outlook toward the future, and you'll be hearing from us often. many thanks again,

-Clavis & Cheryl Brows, Robert, LA

My brother and I, have been doing Stardek since last April. We are very excited about this coming spring, Stardek is really helping my company out, big time. Before Stardek, we did asphalt sealing and repair. Now we do more Stardek than anything. Around Cincinnatti and Dayton mostly. Stardek is the thing I have been waiting for.

-Roger Lippencott, Lippencott Contracting in Wilmington, Ohio